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Virtual Learning in Missouri

Missouri’s Top 10 by 20 initiative, which aims to see Missouri schools rank in the top 10 states nationwide by 2020, is bold and inspiring. Online and blended learning support Missouri’s goals, particularly the goal to see students graduate from high school ready for both college and career. Currently Missouri students have access to some digital learning options, but for the most part students across the state do not yet have access to a full range of K-12 online and blended learning opportunities. Providing these opportunities, which should range from onsite, technology-rich schools, to full-time online schools, to individual online courses, will benefit Missouri’s students and help Missouri reach its educational goals. 

A wide variety of Missouri groups, recognizing the lack of a full range of online and blended opportunities, are showing interest in expanding digital options for students. Representatives from many of these programs and organizations interviewed for this report present a clear vision that the state can improve the educational landscape for many students by creating a unified vision for digital learning that includes a full range of high-quality online and blended learning options, equitable funding, and the technology hardware and network that will allow students and schools widespread access.

Below are materials from a study commissioned by the Missouri Chamber Education Foundation titled: K-12 Digital Learning in Missouri: Creating Virtual Pathways to Success.  Research for the study was conducted by the Evergreen Education Group, an internationally renowned research company known specifically known for publishing Keeping Pace, an annual report on the state of on-line learning in the US.  

K-12 Digital Learning in Missouri: Creating Virtual Pathways to Success