Missouri 2030 explained in March issue of Missouri Business magazine

The latest issue of Missouri Business magazine examines Missouri 2030 in great detail. Learn about what inspired this new strategic plan and how the Gallup survey was conducted. Find out what four key drivers will lead to Missouri's growth.

Miles of innovation as transportation funding shortfall looms

The 2015 Missouri Chamber Conference on Transportation highlighted the many infrastructure innovations happening across Missouri. However, leaders warned of major upcoming budget problems.


Litigation lending is causing problems for Missouri's legal system

National legal expert Thurbert Baker visited the Missouri Capitol in mid-January to help inform lawmakers about the problems caused by litigation lending. Baker  became familiar with these problems while serving as Georgia's attorney general.

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  2014 Session Recap
Learn about the major developments during the 2014 legislative session.
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  Leadership in Practice
Learn about our annual program for talented young leaders.
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  2014 STEM Day
Celebrating math and science education in Missouri.

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